One Direction set to earn £100million in 2013

What with being international superstars and all, you might think that One Direction have got enough money to be going on with.

But apparently they're not stopping at having enough to keep the population of the Isle of Wight equipped with a lifetime supply of bow ties and are reportedly set to earn a stonking £100million next year alone.

One Direction set to earn £100million in 2013

It's fair to say that 1D have had a pretty awesome year - possibly with the exception of Niall being attacked by that rogue squirrel - but it seems like this is just the beginning and 2013 is set to be even bigger. Fingers crossed that includes the area around the crotch region; we've heard it's a great place to store your £5 notes.

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Anyway, a bigwig from their label, Syco, has piped up to give us all the lowdown on just how much gold will be jangling about in their pockets next year.

"We fully expect them to make £100million next year," the insider told the Daily Star. "These boys are like a runaway train – nothing will stop them."

One Direction set to earn £100million in 2013

That's not all though and apparently if the world's love affair with braces and horizontally striped tees carries on the way it's going, the lads will actually be BILLIONAIRES in a couple of years time. Casual like.

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“Their earnings will go through the roof and if they earn £100million next year, then the year after it will be ­£150million so why not ­£200million the year after that?" the source added.

"They will reach billionaire status in the next few years, no problem.”

One Direction set to earn £100million in 2013

Wow - just think what they could buy with that. We'd imagine Niall will finally get that swimming pool filled with peri peri suace and Louis will probably set up some sort of protection scheme for Sasquatches in their natural habitats.

What do you reckon they'll be spending their pennies on?

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