Rihanna reveals artwork for Stay and Pour It Up - oh, hello - is that Chris Brown?

When Rihanna's not busy Instagramming topless pictures of herself next to a big pile of weed, she actually makes music sometimes. Said music happens to be FRICKIN' AWESOME, and she's excited us all by revealing the two single covers for the next tracks to be released from album Unapologetic.

She must've been listening to our tweets, as after releasing meaningful ballad 'Stay' (which got to number 4 in the UK, nice one), she's following up with swagtastic-gold-chain-wearing-money-throwing-about 'Pour It Up'.

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rihanna pour it up single cover

Tweeting the artwork last night, Rihanna will have sent Trapstar into a frenzy of delight by wearing their cap on the Pour It Up cover, above her squished up boobs and big ol' glass o' booze - and upset stroppy people like us with her Stay cover, as it looks like she's squeezing herself up against Chris Brown.


rihanna stay single cover

Pour It Up's release date hasn't been confirmed, but there's a 'TBC' release for Rihanna pencilled in for April 15th. Mysterious.

What do you think of the artwork? Are you annoying she'd snugging up to her former attacker? Or do you think we should big-fat-GET OVER IT?

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