The Wanted have given us the gift of WORDS. Maybe just one.

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If you are as stalkerish as we are when it comes to Twitter, you may have had a shocking revelation this week: The Wanted have CHANGED THEIR USERNAME.

Ok, they may have just scrapped the 'music' bit from the end, but whatever.

Liam Payne says The Wanted's career is all about One Direction.. Erm..

At first we felt cheated, elated and in need of a restorative Hobnob But after some careful consideration we've come to the conclusion that there is a world of untapped potential in those extra five characters we'll now have when tweeting them to ask very professional questions. Like why they bother wearing clothes.

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But what to do with these five precious characters? Well, there's no need to worry because we have come up with a several solid options to help you make the most of it.

1. Nudity

As we have already mentioned, we quite like using Twitter as a semi-anonymous means to request the lads to take their clothes off more often.

Therefore what better use of these five extra letters than to attempt to subliminally message the idea of casual nudity into their everyday lives. By which we just mean adding 'NAKED' (obviously in capitals) into your general tweets about life and lols.

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Example: @TheWanted I'm just eating tomato soup and then I'm going to go out. what are you doing Nathan? I love you so so so so so so so much. NAKED.

the wanted say their quotes about one direction were taken out of hand

2. Bamboozle them with strange words

So you've written a tweet and then you find out that you've got a spare five characters. WHAT DO YOU DO?

Drop in an unusual word to startle Jay McGuiness into pulling his adorable confused face, duh. Probably best to go for something like the word 'flaps'. Everyone loves a flap.

Example: @TheWanted Jay Mcguiness has really great hair. Those ringlets make me swoon and FLAPS.

3. Seduce them using animal faces and pictures of small people do everyday activities

Everyone loves the joy brought out by an emoticon, but if you are running low on letters, what better way to cut the crap and get your point across by telling a story in pictures.

Probably pictures that will encourage them to get naked.

Example: @TheWanted 

Although don't blame us if they translate it as 'frogs heart bodyless men showering with frisky cats'.

What are YOU going to do with your 5 new characters?

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Nathan Sykes, are those brand new The Wanted lyrics you're teasing us with?

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