Beyonce's posted pics of her Super Bowl rehearsals on Instagram. Aah!

The Super Bowl half-time show is, like, one of THE biggest events of the year (who can forget Janet Jackson/JT nipple gate?), and we couldn’t be more excited that next month it’s Beyoncé’s turn to get bootylicious on stage.

Bey’s been teasing us with some pics of what she’s got up her sleeve on Instagram, and it looks SHAMAZINGGG.

So what do we know so far? Well, her set’s gonna include some people lying on the floor…

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And loads of people standing and waving their arms around in a serious-looking manner.


And as if that wasn’t enough, there are loads of rumours flying round that the other Destiny’s Child are joining her on stage. OMG. IMAGINE THAT, Scapers. All 3 members. Together. Singing ‘Say My Name’ and stuff. We’re hyperventilating at the thought.


Oh, and do you reckon she's having a go at the critics who slated her recent 'mimed' Inauguration performance in this pic? Ooh, controversial!

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Our wishlist also includes Jay-Z getting up on stage for a wife-and-hubby duet. And Kanye if poss. Maybe an appearance from Blue Ivy? GAH, THIS IS ALL TOO MUCH.

We’re practicing our Single Ladies dance routine already.

How excited are you for Bey’s show?

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