Justin Bieber will 'hide nothing' at SNL appearance

The moment's almost upon us, peeps. A certain Justin Bieber's gonna be taking over totes hilare US telly programme Saturday Night Live next month, and it sounds like we could be in for a treat.

A mysterious 'source' person's only gone and given The Huffington Post ALL the goss, saying "Justin has nothing to hide or be ashamed about. He is a talented 18-year-old who is growing up in the spotlight and is the first to laugh at any mistakes he might have made,"

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And wait. It gets better.

Appaz "everything will be on the table: his relationships, the tabloids' stories about him, even the recent rumours that he tried pot. If the bit is funny, then it will be on the live show."


Sounds like the boy's hiding nothing. You know what this means, don't you? LOADS OF SELENA DEETS. ALL PERFORMED NEKKID. WITH LAZERS AND FIREWORKS.

We live in hope.

Let's keep that imagine in our minds and listen to this brand spanking new track from Biebs' very serious and authentic acoustic album;

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