Union J: 'We have better songs than One Direction and District3'

Since Union J signed with Sony and revealed that their debut single will be released in June, literally all we’ve thought about in our tiny little boyband obsessed brains is, what on earth are their songs going to sound like?

Well according to the J-dawgs themselves, they’re gonna be sounding pretty daymn UHMERZING. Even better than a certain Juan Dee. Whoever he is.

Union J

JJ told Top of the Pops magazine that he’s more than confident that fans are going to be chuffed with their tunes, and that the band reckon the One Direction rivalry just aint gown'be no thaaang. “I do genuinely think we have better songs”, he confessed.

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Well say what you really think, JJ love. But what about all the other boybandy types that Union J will be locked in a bitter battle of the babe magnetising with?

Josh added “It’s not just D3 we need to compete with - there’s The Wanted, Lawson, 1D and JLS!”

Union J

We’d like to propose that all the aforementioned bands come together to either form one superforce of music and hotness, OR all get naked and form a dance troupe that has to perform whenever we feel sad. Just to solve the issue nicely.

Who gets your vote as the best boyband around?

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