One Direction were on Daybreak this morning *squeal* Here's what we learnt...

There are VERY few things we'd get up for at ridic o'clock in the morning, but the One Direction boys are certainly of them. In an ideal sitch we'd be waking up with them all next to us, maybe with Niall Horan bringing us breakfast in bed in the buff, but sometimes an appearance on Daybreak has to suffice.

The lads are FINALLY back from their Tokyo trip (where they bought football-playing robots, appaz) and sat down for an int on the early-morning telly show. Here's what we learnt...

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1. Mr Liam of Payne is GROWING HIS HAIR BACK. We have never been happier. *hides hair clippers forever*

2. The lads have been doing their bit in Ghana for Comic Relief like the cuties they are. Harry described the visit as 'the best thing we've ever done' (other than their Sugarscape interviews, obvs), with Zayn adding that it 'puts things into perspective'. Aww.

Also, can we take a mo to appreciate Doncaster's Sass Master holding hands with a very cute child. Our stone hearts cannot take this.

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3. The boys are performing their Comic Relief single 'One Way Or Another' at The BRITs next month, and Hazza's 'very excited' *scream*


4. Their mums don't like their tattoos. At all. Liam's even 'went crazy', apparently. Hopefully this means no more 'Zap's or weird arrows.

5. Even though they're buying swanky LA pads left, right and indeed centre, the lads are still staying put in good old Blighty. HURRAH.

6. Niall picks his nose.


The boys also chatted about their Comic Relief single 'One Way or Another', which they'll be performing on the BRITs *squee* next month. No Haylor or Zerrie goss to report though, unfortch.

Check out the int HERE 


And that's yer lot, beauties. Are you as excited as us to hear the brand spanking new single?

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Images from ITV / YouTube

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