Little Mix announce worldwide 'Mixers Magnets' competiton

Earlier today Little Mix worked us all up into a frenzy when they tweeted that they would be making a VERY IMPORTANT announcement at midday.

Well, despite the fact that we actually spent half an hour clicking 'refresh' on their twitter feed because they were LATE, the cat is out the bag, as it were, because the gals have revealed a new 'Mixers Magnets' competiton.

little mix announcement

The competition will see different countries pitted against each other in a variety of challenges, in order to win a visit from the Little Mix gals. The official release reads:

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"Mixers Magnets is the worldwide competition to give YOUR country the opportunity to draw the girls to where you are! And it all starts with the Mixers Map.

"You’ll need to encourage as many Mixers from your country to register on the Mixers Map because the 10 countries with the most magnetic pull (most Mixers) by midnight (GMT) on Friday 10th February will go through to the next round and battle it out in a 4 week Mixers Magnets showdown!

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"But what if your country doesn’t get through? Well that’s simple – keep playing along anyway! There’ll be fun for everyone and who knows what may happen if you catch our eye? So what are you waiting for? Pin yourself to the Mixers Map, tell the world how you first became a Mixer and you automatically become a Mixer Magnet."

EXCITING. Watch the girls tell you more in the video below.

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