Kimberley Walsh 'Centre Stage' - album review

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What's the story?

Kimberley Walsh has been a busy lady recently, hasn't she? Not content with winning us all over on Strictly and the small matter of a Girls Aloud reunion, she's now ready to take 'centre stage' away from her bandmates with her debut solo alb (we see what you did there, Kimbers).


How does the album pan out?

Not exactly known for having the strongest voice in GA (the less said about *that* NTAs performance the better), Kimberley's sticking to her strengths and has gone all musical on us, dahling! That's right, Centre Stage is a mix of Kim's fave showtunes past and present.

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Gone are the days of super-catchy, pop ditties like 'Biology' and in are dramatic camp numbers from the stage. Ooh la la.

Kimba ventures into totes-emosh territory with Les Mis classic On My Own and even tries her hand at Chitty Chitty Bang Bang track Hushabye Mountain. With varying degrees of success.

We would listen to it...

Put it this way, this isn't the kinda album you're gonna put on to get ready for a night out with the gals. It is, howevs, the perfect soundtrack for a spring clean. Centre Stage is a good'un to blast out when you're tidying your room, dancing round in your pants, singing into the hairbrush and pretending you're a West End star. Trust us, we've tried it.

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Tracks most likely to top the charts:

Some of it's a bit on the slushy side, but we heart first single One Day I'll Fly Away. Things really pick up with her version of Defying Gravity, too. Our fave Wicked tune + a Girl Aloud = officially quite good.

Any other famous faces invited along?

Yup. Boyzone crooner Ronan Keating features on a duet of Falling Slowly, and theatre veteran Louise Dearman pops up on there, too. Nothing from Cheryl and Co, unfortch.

After listening we felt like...

Skipping to the cinema in the rain to watch Les Mis again, warbling at passers by.


6/10. Once you've accepted the fact you're not getting a Girls Aloud rave-athon, this album's alright for what it is. We're not gonna have it on repeat for weeks, but for belting out some classics and annoying the neighbours every now and again it's perf. Maybe it's one for your mum/nan.

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