Radio 1 boss says the station 'doesn't control the charts'

Radio 1 bigwig and Head of Music George Ergatoudis has denied claims that the station controls what's happening in the top 40.

Chatting to Digital Spy, Radio 1's main man said he's sure they're playing tunes people wanna hear, and are also taking risks with new popsters and sounds.

"A lot of people believe we have total control over what gets in the charts and what is popular, but this simply isn't the case. Of course we do have influence, but the public know what they like and if we don't acknowledge that they'll soon turn us off and go elsewhere" he said.

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As long as you keep playing 1D on the regular we're still listening, Mr. Music Man.

This all comes after our fave brekkie DJ Nick Grimshaw was criticised last year for calling Robbie Williams 'not relevant' to the yoof of today. Ooh, check out the quiffed one being all controversial.

Boss man continued "We have a mission to break new artists, but of course it would be wrong to simply define success as crossing over to the mainstream. We play music from TNGHT and Bring Me the Horizon because it's exciting, not because they're about to have Top 40 hits."

Well that's set the record straight. And we gotta admit, we'd let a certain Greg James take control of us ANYTIME. Jus' sayin, the offer's there.


Do you wake up to the sweet sounds of Grimmy every morning? Let us know what you think.

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