Union J: We don't need to compete with District3

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What with both being boybands formed on the last series of the X Factor, it's probably not surprising that there's a spot of friendly rivalry, but even though they've now been released into the big bad world, Union J still reckon that they don't need to worry about District3 showing them up.

Union J

With the X Factor tour kicking off this week, all seven lads had a chat to Top of the Pops, but Union J aren't too worried about having to share the knicker throwing with the District3 lads.

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Asked who gets the loudest screams, Jaymi said: "Us...maybe? It's a bit awkward, but yeah, I think so."

"I would say that our fans definitely scream the loudest! Everyone loves George - he's the little cutie in the band," JJ added.

But despite the banter, Josh isn't bothered either way as he's too busy fantasising about having hair with as large a fan club as Louis Tomlinson's.

He said: "We're not worrying aout District3. We want to be as successful as One Direction and The Wanted."

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"I think we also have the most followers online.." George added, being the king of a subtle comment.


District3 aren't too bothered about all this chat though and are far too busy imagining what it would be like if they all held hands and sung S Club 7 hits.

"There's definitely no rivalry between us," Dan said. "We're more like a group of seven good friends.

"I think it's probably pretty equal, but then I haven't been to any of their gigs or anything," Greg said, ever the diplomat.

So what do you reckon - who would your rather chuck your knickers at?

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