One Direction to premiere Comic Relief single One Way Or Another at the BRIT Awards

Well it's been a busy 24 hours in the world of One Direction today, and we've loved every bloomin' sec of it.

So far the boys have shown us the shexay artwork for this year's offish Comic Relief track One Way Or Another, given Daybreak sofa a cheeky interview and revealed all about their recent trip to Ghana for the charidee. And now it's time to get to the serious stuff.

The lads are gonna be debuting the new single at this year's BRIT Awards. ONE DIRECTION. ACTUALLY PERFORMING IN THE UK. AT ONE OF OUR FAVE CELEB EVENTS OF THE YEAR. O, M and indeed G.

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And if you wanna be all prepared and ready to go before the performance, here's the Blondie orig to get learning before THE biggest night of the year..

What you waiting for, Scapers? Get yer ears 'round it (their version's gonna be better though, obvs).

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