Miley Cyrus impresses producers with 'explicit rap'

When we say Miley Cyrus, 'rapper' probably isn't the first word that springs to mind. However it seems the former Disney star could give Nicki Minaj a run for her money, after producers for her new album revealed that she's pretty good at spitting rhymes.

Oh gahd, we just used the phrase 'spitting rhymes'. We're so sorry.

Miley teamed up with producers Da Interz while working on her new music recently, and the duo admitted that she was a tad 'different' from what they had expected.

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Marcos 'Kosine On Da Beat' Palacios, told MTV News:  "Yo, first of all, Miley is nothing what we expected. We expected her to be super reserved and so we were trying to be [that way too]. You know what I mean? She came in like, 'What up? What y'all doing?' We like, 'Oh, how you doing?' We had a good time! Miley is turned up!"

Production partner Ernest 'Tuo' Clark added: "You got to think about this, never met Miley Cyrus and she invites us over to her house and first time meeting her saying 'hi' is singing Big Sean's 'Dance, Dance, Dance', the Nicki Minaj verse."

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"She sang the explicit version. We was like, we was looking at her and she's like, 'Hey! That's my song, nice to meet you'. We was like, 'Oh man, nice to meet you'."

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Don't worry though, Miley isn't going to start wearing a grill, baggy pants and a neckfull of medallions just yet.

"It was different for us," explained Ernest. "But the project and the direction she's going, she's still staying to the roots but it's just she's grown now.

"She's grown now and she's exploring different things and it's definitely a new sound, it's not nothing that's mocked."

WELL. It sounds as if Hannah Montana is well and truly a thing of the past. What do you think to all this?

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