Justin Bieber releases new track 'Lolly' with Juicy J...and it's filthy

Justin Bieber's transition from floppy-haired cutie to beautifully-quiffed hunk-of-man has played out before our very eyes, and it's been an emosh journey, hasn't it?

Now Biebs has just released brand spanking new track 'Lolly' avec rapper Juicy J, and it marks a *slight* shift in sound from the days of yelping 'baby, baby, baby noooo' (i.e. IT'S PURE UNADULTERATED FILTH).

justin bieber lolly

Not only does J-Biebz RAP on the song (amaze), but he also 'spits' some hilarious lyrics. Amongst our faves since *that* fondue line, in fact.

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'She said she want my lolly, she wanna kiss the top'.
He means his penis. Do not be fooled.

'Got a piece of candy and it's all for you'.
Aww, that's very kind but we're gonna pass, Justin. We don't really know you and shan't be taking sweets from strangers.

'Goin’ Al Pacino like I’m at a casino, I’m all fancy yeah, I’m poppin’ Pellegrino'.
We think it's some kind of expensive drink.

Check out Biebs' new song here. WHAT would Selena say?

What do you think? Is he just offering us some kind of sweet product?

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What do you think?