Ed Sheeran's been having nightmares about his Grammys duet with Elton John. Eek.

You'd think Ed Sheeran would be cool with performing his properly amazing songs to millions by now, wouldn't you? But our fave Lego-loving ginge still gets nervous about getting on stage...and this time he's cacking himself over his Grammys performance next month.

Eddy's earned himself a nomination for Song of the Year for The A Team at this year's awards in the US, and also has the small task of performing avec Sir Elton John at the show.

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ed sheeran

Ed told US radio station MIX 106.5 "I went to sleep worrying about the Grammys...like what happens if I win and what happens if I don't? And what happens if my voice cracks when I'm singing? I fell asleep just thinking about it and had this really odd dream."

That's it Ed, let it all out. A problem shared is a prob halved. You can use our shoulder to cry on if you must.

ed sheeran elton john

Sheersy continued "I'm doing the duet with Elton at the Grammys and I had this dream where we decided not to play the song we were going to play and we were going to play this other traditional song.

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"I forgot to give him the piano reference and he just didn't play. Everyone was really confused and I got told off. I hope it isn't a pre-warning to what is actually going to happen!"

Hmm, if we were Ed we reckon we'd be having nightmares about the performance, too...but ours would be over Elton's RIDIC taste in clothing. There's only so much glitter we can take.

Are you looking forward to seeing what Edton have planned (yes we are calling them that, SORRY NOT SORRY)?

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