Fall Out Boy on how they plan to 'save rock and roll'. YES THIS.

Yesterday, Fall Out Boy announced that their hiatus was FINALLY over, and that it was time for us to don our black emo fringes, fake lip rings and black and white stripey arm warmers all over again, because they are BACK y’all. OH GOD ITS SO EXCITING.

Fall Out Boy

FOB have released an awesome brand new single “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)”, and revealed the real reason that they were back to help us all deal with our inner teenage angst is that they're planning to save rock and roll. All in a days work for our favourite guitar weilding boys.

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Bassist Pete Wentz told US radio station B96 that “Rock and roll to me represents an attitude. It represents something inside you. That’s why we got into playing music. That’s why I wanted to be in the band. So you can take it as an ironic thing or you can take it the way it is. We just wanted to do something that was fun and dangerous for us. We didn’t need to do the band again, we wanted to do it because it was fun.”

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Well fun and dangeous sounds pretty spot on for our earholes. Wahey.

Fall Out Boy

A few old school Fall Out Boy fans were surprised by the sound of the new track as it’s a little different to their old style, but it seems they were definitely always going to try something new with their return. “Obvious and safe doesn’t seem that rock and roll to me,” lead singer Patrick Stump said mysteriously. OOOH.

The band have also been announced as headliners for Reading and Leeds festival, so we're currently wondering how the hell to save enough pennies to bag ourselves a ticket. WE MUST RE-LIVE OUR YOUTH.

What do you think of the new Fall Out Boy track?

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