Niall Horan debuts One Direction's One Way Or Another on Nick Grimshaws Radio 1 show - listen

After a dodgy version of One Direction's charity single for Comic Relief leaked on the interweb the other week, that valiant and dashing Niall Horan has introduced the OFFICIAL play on Nick Grimshaw's Radio 1 Breakfast Show, and it was all a bit frickin' exciting for so early in the morning.

niall horan and nick grimshaw

Talking about the charity that the single's raising money for, Niall told Grimmy about the boys' visit to Ghana, and how the money from the song will help those in need;

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"I don't think people believe how poor these people are until you're actually there," said Niall.

"I've seen it and it's pretty bad. It was tought to see little kids dying of diarrhoea and they're not even a year old."

Skip to 5:11 for the song, the rest is Niall gassing on about rehearsals and stuff.

IT'S MIXED WITH TEENAGE KICKS. Well there's a bloody shocker.

The song's available to download from Feb 17th, and it's for charity so you might as well get eleven.

One Direction take Zumba classes to prepare for tour? Amazing.

One Direction arrive at studios to rehearse for world tour - pics

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