Little Mix talk their second album, next single and festival season - Watch

In case you didn't know, we got up close and personal with the Little Mix ladies last weekend in our competition winner's very cosy living room, which gave us the perfect excuse to get all the goss from the gals in a very confined space. There was absolutely no way of escaping our juicy questions. YAY.

Yup, we chatted to the girls about their music, idols and being a boy for the day, amongst other equally amazing stuff. Here's what we learnt...

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little mix

1. The Little Muffins would consider releasing How Ya Doin'? as the fourth single from their alb. Well, we pretty much forced them into doing it, but wouldn't this be the BEST IDEA EVER? *sings* 'Why don'tcha leave your name and your numberrr' etc. etc. It has to happen.

2. If Leigh-Anne could be a boy, even just for a day, she wouldn't roll out of bed in the morning, throw on what she wanted and go a la Beyonce...she'd be Justin Bieber. Same, babes.

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3. The girls are starting work on their second album SOON and the sound's gonna be 'very fun' *scream*. This means it'll potensh be ready in time for a big X Factor performance and all that shebang in the autumn. HURRY UP PLEASE, TIME.

little mix

4. Perrie's getting noticed more and more recently. It's 'cause of her purple hair and general amazingness.

5. The ladies are already prepping their wellies, face wipes and floral headwear for a summer of festivals which they're 'well excited' about. YAY.

Anything else you wanna know about the girls? Check out our exclusive're bound to find the answer in there somewhere... 


What do you think? Are you as desperado for LM to release How Ya Doin'? as us? Let us know.

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