Introducing Jenn D: Pop's new princess or a bit pants?

We get LOADS of new tunes in our very organised inboxes every day...some amazing, some not so. And here's a new gal on the pop block we thought we'd share with y'all - Jenn D.

Loads of musicy-types are going cray cray over this lady, with many hailing her as the next big thing and various other quite good stuff. She's apparently 'tipped to make waves in the industry this year' and has been working with producers Xenomania - the team behind The Saturdays and Girls Aloud.

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jenn d

Jenn's releasing her new single You Keep Giving Me Love next month, and it's a catchy enough little electro-pop track with some arcade machine-y noises in the background.

Oh, and the vid's set on a fairground, which is obviously *the* best setting for any pop video ever. She also wears some very nice shoes and hangs out with fit boys whilst having LOLs on waltzers.

jenn d

Check out the song for yourself here... 

What do you think, ey? It's not the most groundbreaking thing we've ever heard and we're not sure Rihanna's too worried just yet, but it' Comments please.

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