ME make fun of Simon Cowell and The X Factor in new video for 'Vampire!! Vampire!!' - Watch

Remember when that crazy Facebook campaign to get Rage Against The Machine to Christmas number 1 actually worked and stopped X Factor cutie Joe McElderberry from nabbing the top spot? Well now controversial rockers ME have gone all anti-TV talent show on us in their new video for 'Vampire!! Vampire!!'

Yu-huh, the vid features a character called 'Simon Powell' who we - and correct us if we're wrong - *think* might be a total piss-take of Simon Cowell?

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simon powell

Yup, Si-Pow dresses a bit better than the real thing (he wears braces - how very Louis Tomlinson), but this one's an actual MURDERER. We think this is symbolic of how Cowell's killing the music industry with his pop puppets and all that malarky.

The group also do their best Stephen Tyler off of Aerosmith impression in the vid. They're, like, identical don'tchathink? Maybs with less going on in the mouth area.

Check out ME's anti-X Factor controvers-athon below.

What do you think? Should Cowell be worried? And more importantly...would would little South Shields lovely Joe McElderberry say? *sadface*

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