Little Mix hit America to launch debut single Wings and continue their world domination - Pics

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We should be used to this whole 'bands leaving us to crack the States' business by now, shouldn't we? One Direction have done it, The Saturdays are having a good old bash and The Wanted are kind of a big deal across the pond, too. And now the latest UK popstars to head to America are Little Mix...and we miss them already.

But thanks to the wonders of the technology we can keep with with the gals' every move, hair colour and petty outfit change as they TAKE OVER THE WORLD. Thank Gahd. So let's take a look what the ladies have been up to in the U-S-of-A...

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The girls' first stop was New York's Z100 radio station, where they sat around looking cute with unnecessarily-large microphones in their faces.

little mix

And can we just say how IN LOVE we are with Perrie's pink dungarees? They're a bit 90s kids' TV presenter, but gurl's *working* that retro trend.

little mix america

Once all that was out of the way, the girls hit Boston to hand out cupcakes to Little Mixers from their VERY OWN VAN. With stickers on their heads. Whilst signing CDs. You know what they say, you know you've made it when you have your own confectionary-based vehicle...

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little mix

Such multi-taskers. And as if that wasn't enough, the gals somehow found the time to have more microphones shoved in their faces in Connecticut...

little mix connecticut

Encourage fans to skip school...

little mix america

And cause some One Direction-style PANDEMONIUM.

Little Mix

One thing we're slightly concerned about, though, is how Perrie and Zayn are gonna cope with the whole being apart, hectic schedule thing. OH NO WAIT, SHE'S ALREADY OVER HIM AND HAS FOUND A NEW MAN.

perrie edwards enrique

We reckon he'd get on really well with our Edward and Jacob Twilight cutouts in the office. Lots in common, probably lots to talk about.

What do you think, then? We're torn between wanting them to be the biggest thing in the world and not wanting them to forget us. GAH. While we wait for the girls to come home, you should consider leaving us a comment and watching this fun video. Yay.


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