Justin Timberlake attends his 20/20 Experience album release party with The Wanted and confirms follow-up record

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After streaming his hotly-anticipated new album The 20/20 Experience on iTunes last week, Justin Timberlake's new stuff is *finally* out there to actually buy and stuff. And what better way to celebrate this momentous musical event than by hosting a big old launch party and inviting loads of celebrities along, eh?

The Trousersnake made sure people know he's back on the scene by getting all dressed up on his suit and tie shiz in LA...and he even confirmed we can expect a follow-up album later this year. OOH.

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justin timberlake

Following reports that he's set to release 'volume 2' of the album in November, JT took to the red carpet in a big ball of hair lacquer and posh pocket hankies to shed some light on the situation. He told The Hollywood Reporter "I’ve got to clear up the rumours. This whole thing about this only being the first part is true. There is another half. I’m not giving you a release date."

Well that's us told.

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And as if all the excitement of a new Justin album wasn't enough, a few of The Wanted boys popped up to let us know they're still about, too. But whilst Siva went sophisticated and took a hint from Timbers' recent hit, Nathan and Tom decided it was a more casual affair.

the wanted

We're not sure 'Varsity Jacket & T-Shirt' has SMASH HIT written all over it, but who are we to judge? At least we get to swoon over Sunkissed Sykes.

nathan sykes

What do you think? Listened to Justin's album yet? We have, and you can read what we make of it all here. Oh, and why not leave us a little comment after we've watched a slightly less tanned Nathan Sykes getting blindfolded and taunted? Huzzah.



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