McFly confirm a new studio album for 2013: 'It's very feel-good'

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When McFly announced their second greatest hits album Memory Lane last year, we didn't speak to anyone for about a week 'cause we were scared the dream was over. But one wedding speech and lots of gym workouts later, the lads have *finally* been discussing their brand spanking new album. Huzzah.

Yuhuh - the boys are nearly ready to release their first proper studio album since 2010's Above The Noise, and our fave guitar-strumming beaut Dougie Poynter's been chatting all about it.

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Having a chinwag avec Digital Spy, Doug said "It's very, very us. There's no-one really doing what we're doing right now, probably because it's not a very popular thing to do." Agh, so fit yet so modest. And we're loving the sound of it being very 'them'. We're literally never happier than when we're singing Obviously at the top of our voices in the shower. Sorry not sorry.

And are the fellas happy with it? Of course they ruddy well are. "We're very, very happy with [it]," he added. "It's all just very feel-good."

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And as if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, Dougie's also been telling all about a track the McFly boys penned with Niall Horan for One Direction. And let's just say it all sounds *pretty* awesome.

What do you reckon? Excited for the lads' new material? Glad they're sticking to their trademark sound? Let us know what you think after we've watched the boys getting all serious on us. Ooh, this'd be a valueable addition to the album, don'tchathink?


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