Hayley Williams slams Rolling Stone for Paramore review at London's Garage - watch

Paramore played a blistering show in London's Garage last night, in an intimate 650 capacity venue to a crowd of fanclub members, competition winners and industry FANGIRLS like us. It was brilliant. Kicking things off by thanking fans for queuing outside for FOURTEEN HOURS and voicing concerns over the pizza the band had ordered for the lines of shivering Paramore lovers not arriving, they flew threw a set of old favourites and new jams.

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hayley williams paramore london garage

HOWEVER, before 'Ignorance,' Hayley had a little something to say about a review she'd read of the band's upcoming album (released next week, check out OUR review here if you like).

"I just read a review in Rolling Stone, and we don't really care about reviews - and this was actually a pretty good review. They referred to me as some sort of emo-metal-queen...  I'm not really sure what that means. But on top of that they said something about it sounding like a great solo debut. Because let me just tell you something, this is the only time I'm going to rant about this and I promised myself not to write about this online. But I wouldn't be here - nor would I WANT to be here, if it weren't for these two guys to my right and to my left."

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Check it out - complete with boos and chanting - below;

Asides from that little blip, Paramore showed that they're coming back stronger than ever. The music was tighter than the lid on an unopened jar of jam that's been sitting in our kitchen for a week, and all three of them looked genuinely thrilled to be there.

It's blissful watching a band that can command arenas and enormous festival crowds connect with a smattering of fans in a teensy venue, and the hour and a half set felt about a year too short. Paramore are far from fizzling out anytime soon, and we're FRICKIN' PUMPED about what's still in store.

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