Selena Gomez premieres new song 'Come & Get It' after it leaks online - listen here

After months of teasing us with talk of this brand new direction she's taking with her new music, Selena Gomez has FINALLY decided to let us have a listen to new track Come & Get It in full. Although it was originally set to be released on Monday, she surprised fans with an early release after some blabbermouth got bored of waiting and leaked the full track online.

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Taking to Twitter to tell fans about the change of plans, Selena said: "I'm so excited you guys can hear my single!! A little early but that's ok!

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"This has been such a fun ride and I've worked so hard on the new record. This song is a fun introduction to whats coming. Hope you guys like it!"

Here she is getting WELL excited about it and generally waving her hair around with her pals in the car. Makes a bit of a change from her fanny to be honest.

So with that in mind, there's not much else we can do except let you listen to it is there? Luckily it sounds like Selena had no reason to be worried as we reckon it's pretty awesome. We're guessing she's going to have to do something pretty ker-azy for the video, although we're sure James Franco and Ashley Benson will be happy to help her out. They bloody love dressing up as her.

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Listen to the full track below..

NICE ONE. It's a bit of a shame it was leaked, but we're glad we got to hear it at last.

Bit different from the sneaky little teaser trailers huh? But what do you reckon - loving or loathing?

Comments please!

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