Cher Lloyd and Ne-Yo to collaborate on new Fruttare song 'It's All Good'

Things have been a bit quiet on the Cher Lloyd front recently, what with her over in the States becoming a global superstar and stuff. But *finally* we're getting some news, and after last week's revelation that she's gonna feature on Demi Lovato's new album (GAH), Cher's now announced she's teaming up with R&B supremo Ne-Yo on a new track called 'It's All Good'.

Yup, Cher and Ne-Yo are teaming up to create a brand spanking new song ice lollies, and they need YOUR help. Ooh.

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In a very 21st century-type affair, the pair are turning to fans for inspiration - asking people to tweet, Instagram and Facebook what keeps them 'looking on the bright side' with the hashtag '#ItsAllGood'. And they're only gonna pick the best bloody suggestions to include in the song, aren't they? IT'S LIKE LIVING IN SPACE OR SOMETHING.

Here's a little vid of them announcing this ridiculously exciting project.

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And in a statement about the whole thing, Cher said "I can’t wait to see how our different styles come together to create a new sound. We want people to have an ‘It’s All Good’ vibe all summer long, so we’re hoping to create a fun song that people can’t get out of their heads.” Agh, we can't wait. Can it sound a lot like 'Want U Back', pretty please and thank you?

What do you think? Excited for the collab? Any ideas as to what you're gonna suggest? You could be, like, famous and in a song and stuff. Comments please.

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