Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz: "Girls shouldn't feel like they can only be groupies or coat hangers"

The new Fall Out Boy album is a mixed bag of absolute joy, if we do say so ourselves. Featuring a whole host of collaborations, the guys managed to rope in Elton John and Courtney Love for tracks 'Save Rock and Roll' and 'Rat A Tat' respectively.

Asides from being pretty excited to have Elton John on the album because of his great feats of the past like THE LION KING, Pete Wentz is also a pretty huge fan of Ms Love - but we guess he has to say that because she's on his album, right?

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However, he went on to say some stuff about girls and music which we're not entirely sure we see eye to eye on, about it being important to have girls on the album so that female fans don't feel like they can't be in the band - despite it being THE FUTURE right now, and loads of women making music worldwide and doing a bloody good job at it too.

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Er, yeah, it's 2013, el Wentzo. Girls are fully aware they don't have to "just be groupies" - IT'S THE ERA OF BEYONCE, for crying out loud.

Sigh. Thoughts?

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