One Direction's official This Is Us 1D3D movie poster is here. Awoo!

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The midnight snacks are in, the alarm's set for ridiculous o'clock and the Twitter feed's going INSANE. Yep, there's only one thing we'd wanna stay up for - and that's the One Direction This Is Us official movie poster reveal. Huzzah. And guess what? It's here. And it's amazing.

Directioners have spent the past 2 months on Instagram in a desperate bid to get the perfect pic for the poster, which is made up of gazillions of fan images in a fancy mosaic-y montage thing as a 'tribute to those that helped catapult the band to success'. N'yaww. So, you ready to see the poster?

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Are you *actually*, though? Flailing sufficiently? Short of breath? PERF. Here we go...

one direction

Yay. Now let's ANALYSE THAT SHIZ. Here are a few notable points.

1. Harry Styles perplexed by some kind of foreign newspaper. Probably reading a story about Taylor Swift.

harry styles

2. Zayn Malik side profile of seduction.

zayn malik

3. Niall Horan wears vest whilst simultaneously playing guitar and having biceps.

niall horan

4. Liam Payne. In general.

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liam payne

 5. Louis Tomlinson wears beanie.

louis tomlinson

There's also other stuff, like all the fan pics and the fact you can hold your phone up to it and the boys actually APPEAR IN YOUR ROOM or something; but to be honest we're already on the verge of some kind of heart attack gettin' over you-ouuuu as it is.

What do you think of the poster? Squinting to check if you're on it? Even more excited to see Zayn's cryface when the movie hits screens on August 30th? Comments after the trailer, please.


The tribute poster also “comes to life” when fans use their smart phones to scan the Zapcode on the poster unlocking an 'augmented reality experience' and exclusive video content of the band. The Zappar app is free and available for download in the App Store or Google Play.

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