The Wanted's new single to be called 'Walks Like Rihanna' *scream*

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Things have been pretty hectic in the world of The Wanted lately. Not only was there the whole Twitter fued between Tom Parker and One Direction's resident Sass Master Louis Tomlinson, but poor Nathan Sykes had to deal with his split from Dionne Bromfield and his troat surgery. Waa.

But we finally have some good news. Huzzah. After being in America for YONKS singing some songs and filming their own E! reality show The Wanted Life, the lads are ready to release a new single. And it's called...*drumroll*...'Walks Like Rihanna'.

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Loads of rumours about the track have been flying about on Twitter after people apparently used as backing dancers on the video shoot spilled a few deets. And according to sources like Wot You Got the tune features the lyrics 'She can't sing, she can't dance, but who cares? She walks like Rihanna'. Ooh.

We're not entirely sure how Rihanna walks, but she's probably simultaneously taking Instagram selfies and smoking.

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And you know what we're like - we always need to get the important, cold hard facts. When we asked our lucky source close to the band who's heard the track, they confirmed "It's called Walks Like Rihanna". Well that settles that, then.

Oh, and GUESS WHAT? The Wanted lads have literally just tweeted that we could be hearing the track as early as tomorrow, saying: "Ok BIG news on our new single coming tomorrow morning 10am GMT. Be here. That is all. :)" [sic]. Oh. my. Gahd.

AGH, we can't wait to have the lads back. And we need to hear this song, Goddammit. All we can sing in our heads is Moves Like Jagger, but it's driving us slowly insane. You a bit excited, then? Get fangirling after this vid of Nathy Pie in a blindfold.


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