Avril Lavigne teases 'Here's To Never Growing Up' music video - Watch

Two things about the new Avril Lavigne single 'Here's To Never Growing Up': 1) you can basically sing Cher Lloyd's 'Oath' over the top of it and 2) she's taking bloody ages bringing the video out. But now Av's *finally* given us a cheeky teaser of what we can expect from it - and it's all very Mean Girls Spring Fling.

Yuhuh - Avril's gone back to her high school days in the preview, telling 4Music "It's prom, and basically I have my live performance with my band and we're in prom outfits. And then we're kind of like in high school, or it could be a college." So essentially it involves prancing about in some form of educational establishment wearing a pretty dress, then?

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Avril Lavigne

And what's the tune actually about, we hear you cry? Well Av-Lav herself revealed all, saying: "When I was writing it, I was thinking about being younger - I'm still in my 20s, but you know, like high school - and with my 20s being in music and everything, I love the concept of 'simply prom' for the video." Check out the clip below.


She just looks like she's having so much fun, doesn't she? Probs 'cause she didn't even get to go to her own prom *sadface*. "I actually didn't go to prom, so this was my first prom!" she said. "I didn't feel like I missed out, because I had a very normal childhood. I grew up in a small town and I left when I was 16." Well, fancy that.

What do you make of the vid? Comments please and a-thank you.

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