Gahd, we are LOVING this whole 90s revival at the moment. The oh-so-brief return of PJ & Duncan, The Wanted parodying loads of old school boybands in the 'Walks Like Rihanna' video, The Saturdays going on about gentlemen being so 1995 in their new single - all defining cultural moments. And now those One Direction fellas have hopped aboard the retro train, covering over fave Backstreet Boys track EVUH at their gig in Stockholm.

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The Take Me Home tour's already brought us a cover of Shaggy's 'It Wasn't Me', and last night the boys decided to give BSB's 'I Want It That Way' a shot. With amazing results.

One Direction

There wasn't a dodgy Liam Payne faux-Jamaican accent audible as the lads put on their best SERIOUS BOYBAND BALLAD faces and belted out a cheeky bit of the 90s hit. It's basically like watching them back in The X Factor days - but with bigger hair, a bigger bicep-to-forearm ratio and about 10,000 more tattoos.

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One Direction

Check out the boys attempt at being floppy-haired Nick Carter and co. below. Hooray for life.

UGH, Mini 90s Us just met Actual Current Us and it was a BEAUTIFUL MOMENT. We don't know what we love most - Niall's little bop, Zayn's ad-libby awesomeness or Liam's totes emosh end line.

What do you reckon? Anything else you wanna hear the boys cover? Maybe a bit of 3T (we think we're the only ones who remember them...) or 911? Comments after this vid, please.


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