The Janoskians' Luke Brooks goes naked as Katy Perry for 'Best Friends' single cover

The Janoskians are gearing up to release single 'Best Friends' this Fridayby releasing a load of parody pieces of 'artwork' for the single, and the latest, we can exclusively reveal, is none other than Luke Brooks with his kit off, posing as Katy Perry's on her Teenage Dream cover.

OH YEAH. Actually, it's pretty terrifying. Wouldn't like to bump into Luke in a dark alley looking like this. Maybe the naked thing... ANYWAY.

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katy perry luke brooks janoskians

This follows Skip appearing as a far less naked Li'l Wayne - or Li'l Skip, as he was then dubbed:

lil skip the janoskians

...and a group shot of the boys parodying The Wanted's first album cover, all looking a bit lugubrious and blue in the face. Still quite fit though... should we be concerned about this?

janoskians the wanted best friends

ANYWAY, you can pre order 'Best Friends' HERE and generally get freaked out over the next week as they undoubtedly release more unsettling images of themselves up until the release date (17th May, calendar fans).


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