Liam Gallagher on One Direction: "They're my biggest competition"

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Those Gallagher brothers, eh. Just weeks ago Noel slammed our poor One Direction boys, branding them 'clowns' and suggesting they're only famous for who they're shagging (um...has he not *heard* their two groundbreaking albums?). And now it's obviously Liam's turn to pipe up about the lads, saying that he's "not into their music". Hmm.

But wait...he did actually say some nice things, too. We think. In a round about kinda way.

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Liam Gallagher One Direction

When asked who his biggest competition in the music world is at the mo, Liam simply responded "One Direction," before confirming that the fellas are indeed "mad for it". OF COURSE HE DID. Chatting about the boys' success, Liam said: "I'm not into their music, [but] fair play to them, man, they got lucky - like we all do, I guess - and they're just going for it." Ah, we can kinda deal with that. At least this isn't Jake Bugg levels of hate we're talking about...and it's better than that time he said the boys have their 'heads up their arses'.

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One Direction

Liam continued: "That's what it's all about, innit? It's all going to end at some point. And when it ends, you want to make sure you've ticked all the boxes." Gah. It's not gonna end though, Liam. We refuse to accept a One Direction-less world *covers ears, shields eyes*.

What do you think? A bit of a backhanded compliment from Liam or do you reckon he's a bit of a secret Directioner? Comments after this vid, please.


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