Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne back in the studio after 'great day writing' for the new album

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The first rule of Louis Tomlinson's Twitter feed is a simple one - if his tweet involves swearing, it's usually a big deal. Which is exactly what happened when el Tommo revealed that him and Liam Payne were busy writing up a storm in the studio this week for the new One Direction record. HURRAH.

Yep, it looks like album numero three is well underway and despite the 1D lads having a rare bit of time off before they start the American leg of the Take Me Home tour, they were happy to get straight back to work to create yet another swoon inducing record, all for our benefit.

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Liam Payne Louis Tomlinson

When we heard rumours that the boys were keen to contribute much more writing to the upcoming album, we went a little dizzy at the thought. But now that it's actually happening, it's suddenly all a bit too much. The possibilities are endless with what they could be writing about (is it us? We think it's us). 

Louis tweeted his enthusiam, posting: "F***ing so excited for this new record ! Great day writing with @JohnHenryRyan @julianbulian @JamieScottG6 @Real_Liam_Payne".

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We're sure it wont be too long before Harry, Niall and Zayn are back in the studio too, penning deep and meaningful songs about issues like painfully skinny jeans, nip-slips and their newfound open-ness to being papped while topless. ALL MAGICAL THINGS.

As the album won't be gracing our lives until the end of the year, we'll just have to continue our love affair with Take Me Home a little longer. But if you need something else to pass the time, enjoy this video of One Direction looking insanely hot in football tops. Also, if you fancy seeing the lads live in action, you can grab your tickets right here.


What do you want to hear on the new 1D album? And which of the boys do you think would be the deepest song writer? Our money's on the Paynis.

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