Ed Sheeran talks his new album: "It focuses on relationships"

He's already teased us a little bit about his next album - revealing that there's gonna be a Buffy the Vampire Slayer sample on there somewhere - and now he's been yapping on about it again. This time telling us it's all about the crazy old subject of lurve.

Ed's been chatting to Hollywood Life about the new 'record' (we feel so proper and Louis Tomlinson using that word), which apparently focuses on The Ginger One's relationships and stuff. Ooh la la.

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Ed Sheeran

Ed DIVULGED "It's not an album about fame and fortune, it's an album about relationships. I turned it in today. It's [due] early next year. It was going to be this year but I don't finish touring till October and then there's no time to get a plan together. I'm going to spend October, November, December planning and then just smash it out next year."

Ed Sheean 'smashing it out'. Now there's a thought for a Sunday afternoon *slaps self out of it*.

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Well this is all a bit ruddy exciting, innit? We've kinda played the last album to a very sweet, beautiful death (is that possible?) so we would quite like it if next year could HURRY THE HELL UP. What with this news and the Buffys sample, it's sounding like it's gonna be UHMAZING.

And ooh - what relationships is he gonna talk about? We'd quite like a track about his bromance avec Harry Styles, maybe with lyrics revolving around how they like to get naked together and take selfies. Which absolutely, definitely happens. Ahem.

What d'ya reckon? Excited to hear Eddy's new alb? Musical musings, please and a-thank you.

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