Taylor Swift talks touring with Ed Sheeran: "It's the most fun you could ever have"

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When we're stalking our favourite popstars' Instagram feeds, Twitter pages and the rest, we always feel a bit sick when we see a cheeky snap of a ginormous crowd in some huge stadium, mid-performance. But instead of turning into big ol' messes just from spotting that many people in one place, celebs like Taylor Swift can manage to rock out with her guitar in front of all those people and still get to call it her day job.

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And what could be better than all that travelling and singing and general superstardom? Having Ed Sheeran by your side while you're doing it, obviously.

Taylor Swift

Taylor's been chatting to Capital FM and revealed that her Red tour's been loads more fun with having Ed along for the ride. She told the radio station: "It's been amazing, he's on tour with me in the US. I think for both of us being on tour together and being really close friends, it's the most fun experience you could ever have." Well, you know what they say - friends that play together, stay together. Ahem.

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She added: "Everybody's always really close on a tour, but if you start out and you're already close, it just makes it less like work, having your friends out there. Especially the fact that he was coming out for this, because he didn't have to fly out here just to join me for one song." So, he flew out just so he could duet with Tay on their insanely romantic song together? How, friendly.

Taylor Swift Ed Sheeran

Now, as if Ed and Tay's adorable performance of Everything Has Changed on Britain's Got Talent wasn't enough to get us swooning all over the shop, Swifty goes on to gush about just amazing she thinks The Ginger One is. Talking about his seemingly quite serious case of Benjamin Button syndrome, she said:

"He's hilarious. I've kind of thought this before how he's a strange combination of being like an eight year-old child and an 80 year-old. Because he's really hilarious and plays with lego and stuff and then he also has the best advice you ever ask for. So he's like the perfect combination of both ends of the spectrum age-wise."

Taylor Swift Ed Sheeran

Plays with lego, eh? Argh, we bet he's built Taylor loads of lego houses, enough to form some sort of lego town. She's so lucky. But seriously, what a glowing review from such a good pal. This honestly isn't helping us with all our Eddy and Swift feels - we want to watch them serenade each other with their guitars forever. And that isn't even some hidden innuendo for once. 

What do you think about Ed and Taylor's friendship? Do you think it's as adorable as we do? And what do you make of their new tune Everything Has Changed? Let us know...

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