Chris Brown 'axes Rihanna duet from new album X'

Things aren't looking good for Rihanna and Chris Brown after reports that the singer has apparently demanded that a duet he recorded with his ex-girlfriend is pulled from upcoming new album, X.

rihanna and chris brown

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Set for release on July 16, it seems fair to assume that Chris would have made up his mind about the tracklist by now, but apparently he's had a bit of a hissy fit and decided that a collaboration with RiRi should be pulled before it hits the shelves.

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The pair's on-off relationship is enough to have us all confused and frankly snoring quietly in the corner while dreaming about something about ten times more interesting, but apparently there's trouble in paradise following their most recent split and sources reckon Chris has done his best to get rid of any trace of his ex on the new record.

"Just saw the working tracklist for X yesterday," a source apparently told Hollywoodlife. "Record execs wanted that song on there, but Chris said he would rather not and wouldn't allow the record to be released unless they took it off.

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"They're stll hoping to convince Chris or pay him more to change his mind because it would be a hit. The record hasn't been pressed yet, so things can change, but at this point he's not changing his mind."

Chris Brown Rihanna

Image: Twitter

We can't help thinking that they're choice of words in calling it a 'hit' are mildly ironic, but there you go.

What do you make of all this - want to hear it or reckon RiRi is well shot of Breezy?

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