Stooshe release 'My Man Music' video - Watch

When they're not falling for monsters and stuff Stooshe have an album campaign to be getting on with, thank you very much. The last we saw of the girls they were in their cool little customised bowling/varsity jacket thingies in the video for 'Slip'...and now they're back with brand spanking new summery single 'My Man Music'. Awoo.

The reggae-inspired tune inventing their own ruddy dance routine to rival this whole twerking phonomenon that's got everyone from Miley Cyrus to One Direction HOOKED. Apparently we've gotta 'Step left, step right, pull your knees tight. Do the butterfly to the side, to the side,' which we actually just attempted before falling into the photocopier in front of the fit receptionist.

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Stooshe My Man Music

Check out the girls' new vid below. Huzzah.

We won't be happy till we've mucked about in a trolley wearing loads of cool clothes.

What d'ya reckon? Loving the tune? Comments please.

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