Mutya Keisha Siobhan finally premiere new single 'Flatline' - Listen

Mutya Keisha Siobhan have taken so long with this whole bloody reunion thing we were starting to think they'd had another spat, replaced a member with our nan's Toy Poodle and then drafted in Heidi Range to replace said Toy Poodle after an argument over hair straighteners. But guess what? Mutya (Buena), Keisha (Buchanan) and Siobhan (Donaghy) have *finally* unveiled their new single 'Flatline' - and it's all a bit amazing.

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Yep, Heidi Amelle Jade MKS chucked their debut Dev Hynes-produced track on the internet yesterday. At least we think it's their debut...if you don't count their actual Sugababes 1.0 debut 'Overload'. THIS IS ALL GETTING A BIT CONFUSING BUT LET'S PERSIST.

Mutya Keisha Siobhan Flatline

'Flatline's basically very, very good - the girls' harmonies are enough to rival the Little Mix ladies and the song doesn't even bother trying to copy any current pop trends. There's no talk of 'filling up cups,' being 'up in the club' or any of that malarky here. Nope.

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Check out the single below.

Sounds pretty good in the sun with a Mini Milk, no?

What do you think? Loving the tune? Still not quite over the band name? Reckon Sugababes 4.0 are sticking Keisha's face on a dartboard somewhere in the world as we speak? Comments please.

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