Ross Lynch's band R5 talk mystery kiss marks, juggling balls and pink underwear - Watch

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Last week we got an invite we just couldn't refuse: the opportunity to go and see Teen Beach star and R5 singer-type Ross Lynch's arms in actual real life. Well...the invite was actually to see R5's first ever London show, but you know. So we toddled along to quirky venue Dingwalls in Camden to catch up with Ross, Riker, Rocky, Rydel and Ellington for a catch-up with the guitar-strumming popsters on our shores. Hoorah.

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We had a chinwag with the band in a slightly weird stairwell-type situation minutes before they took to the stage to perform for loads of shaking, crying and generally flapping-about-quite-a-lot fans. And seriously...the screams were One Direction kinda decibels.


We gave the band our camera and asked them to give us a little fact NO ONE know about them...and we wouldn't be lying if we said CARNAGE ensued. If your a fan of seductive looks from fit blonde film-come-popstars and some rather questionable shaky camerawork, you've come to the right place. Let's see what they had to say, shall we?

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What d'ya reckon, then? Still drooling over Ross? Wanna see Rocky juggling his balls? Comments please.

Ross Lynch's band R5 announce their first ever UK show in London

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