The X Factor's Lucy Spraggan talks debut single 'Lighthouse' and plays The Stupid Interview - Watch

Ah, Lucy Spraggan - one of our favourite X Factor contestants of recent times (and not just 'cause she promised to get a Sugarscape tattoo if she won). We feel like we've been waiting *forever* for her debut single to get into our very well-lubricated, very ready eardrums, and it's finally here. Hooray.

Yup - 'Lighthouse' is officially released this weekend, so we caught up with El Spraggo (sans beanie) to have a chinwag all about it. Oh, and there was obviously time for a little Stupid Interview, too.

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Lucy Spraggan

We got all the goss from Spraggs about the single, discussed whether we've ever even seen a lighthouse in actual real life AND found out what she'd do if a certain Harry Styles tried to pull her sister. And the results were RIVETING to say the least.

Lucy Spraggan

Check out our chat below. Hooray, hoorah and very much VOILA.


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And there you have it.

What do you reck? Gonna be toddling off to the download site of your choice to pre-order 'Lighthouse' RIGHT NOW? Go ahn. Oh, and leave us a cheeky comment. It's Friday.

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