One Direction mock The Wanted in their Best Song Ever music video - Pics

One Direction's 'Best Song Ever' music video's looking like it could reach 'Kiss You' levels of amazingness, isn't it? Not only have we already seen Uncle Niall Horan dressed as an old, balding, still-strangely-sexy business type and Liam Payne with a blonde mullet...and now shiz is getting serious.

So you know how The Wanted parodied loads of old school 90s boyband music vids in their 'Walks Like Rihanna' music video - from *NSync to Backstreet Boys? the 1D fellas have parodied The Wanted parodying BSB. Oh GAHD this could all get very confusing. And a bit controversial.

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One Direction Best Song Ever The Wanted

In a new teaser-y shot from the vid the lads are seen jumping around looking really rather fit in lots of denim in a swanky penthouse-type place. AND WHAT'S THAT WE SEE BEHIND THE DONCASTER SASS MASTER'S BARE ANKLES? A pic from the Walks Like Rihanna video?

The Wanted

NU-UH, it's only Harry, Liam and Louis taking the piss out of The Wanted a bit. Uh oh, here we go again etc. etc. And since we haven't had the 'Best Song Ever' lyrics in full yet only Niall James Horan can guess what they're chatting on about in this section of the video. Maybe they're claiming 'Walks Like Rihanna' is actually the best song ever? Oh hey, PLOT TWIST.

What d'ya reckon? Is the boyband banter all gonna KICK OFF again? Comments please...

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