The mystery of One Direction's 'Best Song Ever' girl Georgia Rose - REVEALED

10 things we know about the enigma that is Georgia Rose

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Now that we've had a chance to listen to One Direction's new single Best Song Ever roughly 1532.3 times, we've experienced a lot of emotions. But ignoring the distracting tingling going on in our ovary area, there is something worrying us; who is this mysterious Georgia Rose character that has got 1D all of a quiver?

Naturally we have a few theories on who she is, but following some careful and extremely serious investigation, we are happy to report that we've come to a fair few conclusions about this mysterious girl's character:

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1. She has a collection of hearts she keeps in jars on her windowsill

Harry Edward Styles: "Maybe it's the way she walked / straight into my heart and stole it"

Zayn Malik: "I said can you give it back to me / she said never in your wildest dreams"

Forget drawing hearts and inappropriate appendages around 1D's faces on the posters on your wall as fangirl behaviour just went to a whole new level. Well if Georgia Rose can personally steal the hearts of all five member of 1D and still have them like her, it must be ok right?

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2. She's a queue jumper

Harry Styles: "Through the doors and past the guards / Just like she already owned it"

That Georgia Rose don't have time for standing in line and as 1D so handily described, is much more likely to be found barging her way to the front of the queue and making the reserved Brits among us tut in mild disbelief.

3. She has a crap memory

She might have spent all night singing with One Direction, but when it comes to remembering what happened, she's just as rubbish at recounting the story as your goldfish would be. OH GEORGIA ROSE YOU SILLY SAUSAGE.

Someone get her a Sudoku, stat.

4. She plants nests of ants in the pants of unsuspecting boybands

All: "'Cause we danced all night to the best song ever / I think it went oh oh oh / I think it went yeah yeah yah"

We like a dance as much as the next gal but the idea of twelve hours straight without sitting down sounds pretty exhausting. Saying that, if there was a nest red ants biting our bottom, we'd probably be unable to stop jigging about too.

5. She is probably a witch

How else would she enchant all five members of One Direction into forgetting the words to not only a song, but The Best Song EVER?

It must be witchcraft.

P.S. We can totally see her and Louis bonding over brewing up some potions in their spare time.

6. Her dad is a dentist.

This might seem obvious but it's good to know that she loves a bit of oral hygeine. Give her a bottle of mouthwash and a packet of breathmints and she's yours.

Worked like a charm on 1D so we'll be seeing how many tic tacs we can fit in our gob sharpish.

7. She has a potty mouth

Harry Styles: "She said I had a dirty mouth / but she kissed me like she meant it'

Despite being a queen of flossing, Georgia Rose loves a swear more than Justin Bieber when he's trying to punch a pap.

8. She does not like sleepovers

Niall Horan: "I said can I take you home with me / she said never in your wildest dreams"

If Georgia Rose is anything, she is one classy gal. And that means no impromptu sleepovers or early morning washbag situations, thankyou very much. Not that we're looking at anyone in particular. *COUGH TAYLOR SWIFT*

9. She is part owl

Yes, we found this rather surprising too, but anyone who can stay up all night without once considering changing into a onesie must have some sort of owl blood running in their veins. It's a scientific fact.

10. She is actually Tyler Oakley.

Tyler Oakley is one direction's Georgia Rose

Oh, well that solves that one doesn't it?

So there you have it. Georgia Rose is actually the ghost of a part Tyler, part owl type individual who collects jars of boyband's bodyparts for a living. Case closed.

Well, if that's what 1D are into, we better peroxide our hair, dip ourselves in honey and have a roll in a big pile of feathers.

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