The X Factor's MK1 release their 'Let Go' music video and get interviewed in a lift - Watch

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Here at Sugarscape we love a good X Factor former contestant and/or act. One Direction? Quite fond of them. Union J? Decent. Steve Brookstein? Er...yeah. Anyway, last series we had a little soft spot for MK1 and we decided we've been missing them a little bit since the show - so we got them to pop down to Sugarscape HQ for a chat. In a bloody lift of all places.


Now before we get involved in all that malarky we should probably check out the pair's latest music vid for 'Let Go', which sees Charlie and Simeon getting up to what can only be described as some CRAZY ANTICS involving a pool party and lots of glitter. Awoo.

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Love it.

So let's get down to business. You know that age-old icebreaker question of 'who would you rather be stuck in a lift with...?' - well we didn't have much of a choice. After the guy from I.T. made it perfectly clear he didn't want to hear us yapping on about boybands next to him in the office, we decided to take our interview to the lift. Yes, it's groundbreaking. No, journalism will never be the same and no, we probably won't attempt it again.

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Here it is.


There it was. Slightly inconvenient, but what can you do?

What d'ya reckon? Gonna be getting your mitts on MK1's single when it's released on August 4th? Comments please.

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