Stooshe talk new single 'My Man Music', Niall Horan's 'Best Song Ever' makeover and Justin Bieber's grill - Watch

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When Stooshe's aren't rather inconveniently falling for monsters and hanging round bowling alleys in co-ordinated jackets, their favourite thing to do is pop into Sugarscape HQ, sit in a serious-looking meeting room and talk to us about life's most important issues. Issues such as whether Justin Bieber's gold grill actually *is* as amazing as we think it is, how Niall Horan still manages to look boom ting as a balding old fella in the 'Best Song Ever' music video and EL BIEBO PISS GATE.

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And obviously all of these questions were contained in a Stooshoebox, which has very little-if-no relevance to the band, but what can you do?


So as well as all this talk of new tune 'My Man Music', twerking and suchlike, the gals also brought in their friend Ralph. AKA the cutest dog in the history of dogs.

Stooshe dog

We tried to steal him, but Courtney was having none of it. ANYWAY - check out our chat below. Awoo.

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So there you have it. Turns out Stooshe are actually quite good at guessing things about men in music. Hooray and hoorah. What d'ya reckon? Comments please.

Stooshe's debut album 'London With the Lights On' is out now. Go geddit.

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