One Direction's Best Song Ever slammed by music critics for 'ripping off The Who's Baba O'Riley'

We don’t know about you, but we’ve probably listened to Best Song Ever more times than we’ve breathed over the last couple of weeks, so we’d say we’re in a fairly strong position to talk about what it sounds like. We’d say it sounds like angels playing hopscotch on the clouds, fairies having baths in dewdrops, and OTHER AMAZING MAGICAL THINGS.

One thing we didn’t think it sounded like was The Who, but y’know, each to their own, and apparently a fair few people reckon it does. Ooo-errr. This is what One Direction think of all that nonsense:

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One Direction

One Direction have been accused of ripping off The Who’s famous song Baba O’Riley. Whilst the two songs themselves are both very different kettles of fish, with The Who banging on about working in fields and fighting for meals, and the 1D lads going off on one about Georgia Rose's dentist daddy, people are taking issue with Best Song Ever's heavy guitar intro, which is apparently uses the same chords and timing as the rock and roll classic. Or something.

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According to EntertainmentWise, one particularly cooler-than-thou music reviewer declared “Someone should call Trading Standards over the song title as 1D sterilise The Who’s Baba O’Riley”. OI SASSPOT, calm yourself.

You’d better have a listen for yourself (any excuse to watch Niall and Liam shimmy again):

And here’s The Who’s Baba O’Riley (no shimmying):

So what do you lot think? Do you reckon One Direction might have been a bit... ‘creatively inspired’ by Baba O’Riley? Or do you reckon the two songs sound about as similar as Justin Bieber and Judas Priest?

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