Simon Cowell: 'One Direction's writing on the new album is absolutely brilliant'

Simon Cowell might have a new member of his offspring to start thinking about, but that doesn't mean he's forgotten his firstborns, by which we mean One Direction, obviously. In fact, he's been turning into even more of a proud uncle just recently and has spoken out about just how bloody brilliant he thinks the lads have been since getting more involved with the writing process for the new album.

One Direction

Having already wrapped our ear around Best Song Ever, it's pretty obvious that 1D's new album is going to be a treat, but all this talk of the lads writing more tracks than ever before has got everyone wondering what to expect. Apparently us lot aren't the only ones with a flock of tapdancing butterflies in our tummies about it and Uncle Simon was also a bit worried about the whole thing at first.

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It's all good though and all those long nights Niall spent up chewing the end of his pencil were worth it because apparently the lads have done their usual 1D magic trick and totally pulled it out of the bag.

"A lot of the tracks have been written by the guys this year and I'm always kind of nervous about that, but I have to tell you, their writing is absolutely brilliant," Uncle Si explained to Will Best during an interview for Skype.

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"Really, really good in so much that some of them are going to be singles, but really, really cool records, so they feel much more part of this album, I think."

One Direction Simon Cowell

More part of the album? We sincerely hope that means Louis' bum is going to be photocopied across the CD sleeve.

What do you make of all this? Bloody excited?

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