Jessie J announces new album 'Alive' with artwork - PICS

After what feels like an eternity of sitting around twiddling our thumbs, and picking lint our our belly buttons, Jessie J has finall decided it's about time to get official and announe her new album, which is set to be called Alive. HURRAH.

Jessie J announces new album Alive

Image: Instagram / Jessie J

The follow up to debut album Who You Are, that first hit the shops back in 2011, has been a long time coming, but now that it's perfect, Jessie has announced it'll be out on September 23.

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We've already heard a few things from the new record with Wild and It's My Party already hitting the airwaves ahead of the big release.

If you're a bit of a Jessie J fan then you'll have a double whammy of things to get excited about as she's also set to head off on tour in October to support the release, so expect a whole new set list of tracks to learn the words to.

HOW EXCITING. What do you reckon?

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