Ross Lynch and R5 debut new single 'Pass Me By' - LISTEN

When he's not moonlighting as a movie star in Teen Beach Movie, hottie Ross Lynch is part of the very awesome R5 and having been off beavering away on their music in the studio, they've just premiered new single Pass Me By ahead of their September album release.


If there's anything nicer than Ross's arms, it's probably what happens when he and bandmates Riker, Rocky, Rydel and Ellington get their voices together and if you're a big R5 fan, you aren't going to be let down by their latest efforts.

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With their debut album due out on September 24, this is a pretty lovely tease of what we can expect - namely a swoonsome song that's catchier than chicken pox.

Have a little listen below:

So what do you make of all that? Has it got you all excited for the album? We reckon the video for the track should probably involve Ross doing a twerk in a room full of feathers, but that's just us.

Comments below please, but not before you check out what happened when we met R5 below:

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