Cher Lloyd's new single 'I Wish' featuring T.I. leaks - Listen

Here at Sugarscape we've been a bit down in the dumps since Cher Lloyd decided to go off and be a massive deal in America. While we're obviously well happy for our fave X Factor gal and love that she's taken her funny 'UGH' noise across the pond, it's safe to say we've missed her. A lot. But guess what? She's only making a bloody comeback with brand spankin' new single I Wish, isn't she?

Yuhuh - Cher's new tune was supposed to be 'unveiled' on US radio on August 31st, but as is the way these days some pesky scoundrel's plonked it online a bit early and we just couldn't resist a listen. Gah.

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Cher Lloyd's new single I Wish leaks - Cher Lloyd music -

I Wish features rapper-type T.I. and sees Cher listing everything she wishes she had. Which is a bit weird, really, 'cause we happen to have a bit of a crush on her and think she's pretty much perfect in every way. But whatever.

It's a breezy tune that sounds absolutely nothing like Swagger Jagger, a tiny bit like With Ur Love and is basically ridiculously amazing. Hoorah. Check it out below.

(The lyric video has something about Iraq which we're pretty sure she isn't saying but you never know.)

Who doesn't love a lyric about a butt and a rack?

What d'ya reckon? Loving Cher's new tune? Want her back in the UK already? Comments please.

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